How To Prepare Your Car For Short Term Parking

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If you are going away on a trip of some kind for the next few days or even a week, then you probably have considered using short-term parking. This is a great feature of many airports and other transport hubs that allow you to drive right up to where you need to go and then have your car waiting for you when you get back. However, there are a few things that you should to do ensure that your car survives this time spent alone in good condition so that you get back to your vehicle in the same condition you left it.

Put A Sun Shade On Your Windshield

There are a few reasons why a sunshade is a good idea for your car during short-term parking. Keeping prying eyes away from your vehicle is always a good thing, and a sunshade will do just that. However, a sun shade also ensures that the temperature in your car does not skyrocket, which can, especially on older cars, cause certain chemicals and fabrics to give off odd smells. The sun can also prematurely age your car's internals and make them fade and brittle so that they break easier.

Make Sure Nothing Perishable Is In Your Car

While a lot of people are worried about making sure they haven't left any valuables in their car (which is also important), you should also check for anything perishable. These perishable items will become completely disgusting over a few days to a week and can make your car reek of rotting organic material. This smell can permeate every aspect of your car and be very difficult to remove once it is in, so do not let this happen when a simple check for your expendable items will prevent this from occurring. 

Don't Have Your Car Washed Beforehand

Not only do cars that are a little bit dirty have less chance of someone wanting to break into them (although the chances of this happening in a monitored short-term parking lot are very low), but your car will most likely get additional dirt on it during your time away. A lot of short-term parking lots are actually out in the sun, or in parking lots without completely closed-in walls, so winds will blow dirt and grime that will deposit on your car. Getting your car washed after you return is a much better use of your time and money. 

For more information on short-term parking, contact a company near you.