Having A Pokeman Go Party? Here Are Some Ideas To Consider

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With the release of the new Pokemon Go, gamers find themselves gathering in parks and along waterfronts to play the newest craze. If you and your friends have found yourselves caught up in the game, why not get together and host a Pokemon Go party? Instead of simply gathering together to play the game around your old haunts, add a touch of style, fun and adventure into your party.

Explore a Different City

You might have already hunted the desired Pokemon in your own city, and if you have a vacation coming up, you could have your Pokemon Go party in a different city. It doesn't have to be a far-flung city, but perhaps a nearby locale you have wanted to explore and that you can combine exploring it's streets and cafes with your brand new obsession.

Hire Luxury Transportation

Are you looking for a great way to really amp up your Pokemon Go party experience? Why not hire a limo for your party-goers to hunt the elusive creatures with? It will add a touch of style and luxury to your party and lets everyone travel together instead of your guests taking their own cars to each location you have chosen to hunt. If you find the cost of renting a limo too high for you, ask everyone to pitch in to make it more affordable for everyone.

Pokemon Decorate Your Home

Once your day hunting the digital creatures has come to an end, make your way back to your house to continue the fun. It's easy to decorate your home for your Pokemon Go party. You can create your own Pikachu ears for guests to wear, especially if you have kids at your party. You can fashion a PokeBall from a Chinese lantern colored in the classic Pokemon colors of red and black. If you have the old card game, you could use the cards as placeholders if you plan to have a sit-down dinner. The options are endless.

Pokemon Inspired Food

Don't forget to feed your guests using Pokemon inspired foods. You could turn a pizza into a PokeBall and for dessert have Pikachu designed cupcakes. If you have kids at your party, then have them, and anyone else inspired to do so, decorate cookies with their favorite creature. You could also add a carnival feel to your party by decorating candy apples as a take-home treat for your guests.