3 Easy Ways To Get Lower Nightly Hotel Rates

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Are you planning a family getaway? If you are, there's a good chance that the cost of your hotel stay is eating up a big chunk of your travel expenses. This can take away from some of your travel funds that you could be utilizing on other travel activities, which is why saving as much as possible is critical when booking your hotel stay. Rather than book or commit to the first hotel you come across, there are great and easy ways that you could be paying less for your hotel stay, such as the following:

Book Away From Major Cities:

If you are up for a little commute, definitely consider the perks of booking away from a major city. Because major cities are where most go for their vacation, the hotels in these cities can sometimes be a little higher than you would like. Driving to a city right outside the major city you plan to visit can help you save a great deal of money on your nightly hotel rates, while still allowing you to spend your day in the major city you plan on visiting, which makes this option a win-win.

Book Through Your Insurance Company:

Many insurance providers offer their policyholders great rates on traveling. Taking advantage of any discounted rates your insurance provider can offer to you can be extremely helpful as not only can this reduce the cost of your hotel, but it can also minimize the expenses for your car rental, airfare, and theme park tickets.

Utilize Online Booking Agencies:

Taking advantage of online hotel agencies is another effective way to obtain lower nightly rates for the hotel of your choice. This is all thanks to the hotel agencies that book a bulk of rooms at discounted rates and pass the savings that they receive onto their customers. So, in some cases, you will receive cheaper rates by booking through an online hotel booking agency than you would if you were to book by calling the front desk of the hotel. Before calling the front desk and making reservations, be sure to consider the option of an online booking agency as this can save you more money than you think.

Taking advantage of these three tips are very effective ways that you could be paying less on your hotel. So, when planning your vacation, be sure to take the time to consider alternative booking options, so you can use some of your savings on fun and memorable activities. Contact a business, such as the Oak Tree Inn, for more information.