How To Save Money On Hotel Rates

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When you are booking a hotel it may be your assumption that you must pay the rate they're asking.  This is simply not true, you should always research to find a better discounted rate.  There are many options for you to to consider when seeking a savings.

Call Hotels Directly

Going online is a great option, however, using the "old school" method of calling on the telephone provides a better means of communication.  Make it a point to call several hotels in the area that you're seeking a trip.  This will provide you with comparison rates in the surrounding area.

Get rate quotes and shop around asking competition hotels to offer you a better rate.  If their occupancy is low, they may just take you up on it.  For the hotel, it's better to fill the room at a lower rate than to keep the room empty.

Most hotels provide discounts for AAA, federal or state employees and senior citizen discounts.  Make sure to inquire if you fall under any of these categories, the savings will be worth it.  

Bundle It

If you're planning a trip that involves airfare, rental car, and a hotel stay it's a good option to book them together.  Go online to research specialty websites that will provide these services for you, your savings could be substantial.  These websites work directly with airlines, rental car agencies, and hotels to provide you with the best package deal possible.  Shop around, you'll be glad you took the extra time to research properly.

Use A Credit Card That Provides Hotel Points

Especially if you travel frequently, you should be using a credit card that provides you with hotel points that may be used towards a future stay.  Many hotels participate in these programs providing you with discounts and free stays.  

Stay At The Same Hotel Chain Whenever Possible

Once you find a hotel chain that satisfies all your traveling needs, try to use their hotel services wherever you travel.  Many hotels chains offer free stays and discounted rates for frequent customers.  Establishing a long-term relationship with a hotel benefits both you and the hotel in the long run.  They continue to have you as a loyal customer and you reap the discount benefits.   

 When making your travel plans, remember to do your research in order to keep some extra money in your pocket.  You'll be glad you did. For more help, contact a company like Clarion Suites to learn more.