The Best Bahamian Souvenirs To Bring Back From Your Vacation

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If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas anytime soon, you will be amazed by the shops, stores, and markets. With so many choices, what do you bring back for those left at home? There are many splendid souvenirs and products to consider buying when in this tropical destination, which are only found in the islands.

Some of the most popular Bahamian items to bring home are:

Bamboo linens. For a practical remembrance of your Bahamas vacation, check out the high-quality bamboo linens when visiting. This material is soft as silk, yet priced a lot cheaper than many Egyptian cotton bedding sets. Shops sell linens, bedding, and even apparel made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Bahamian vanilla. Vanilla extract is something that any cook or foodie will want to bring home from their vacation in the Bahamas. It is made locally, and often extracted using rum which gives it a unique taste from other vanilla extract variations. Pick up a bottle or two for friends back home, as well as for your own kitchen!

Gorgeous gems. If you are looking to buy jewelry during your time in the Bahamas, there are numerous high-end jewelry stores that offer locally-mined gemstones. The price of diamonds may be less than what you would pay elsewhere due to the absence of sales tax. Some other stones to look for are larimar, a serene blue stone, and tanzanite, a highly-sought purple gem.

Rich rum. You can't visit the Bahamas and not try the rum; rum is the popular drink on the islands. The rum made here tends to have a richer, sweeter flavor than other imported spirits. Furthermore, there are numerous island-themed drinks that you will want to experiment with back home so be sure to bring back a bottle or two of rum to replicate the flavors for friends and family.

Rastafarian relics. There is a Rastafarian population in the Bahamas, and musician Bob Marley is honored and felt in many of the regions. You will find Bob Marley-influenced tees, hats, music, and knick-knacks in many of the local shops, so bring something home for your favorite Rasta!

Sweet treats. If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat. Some of the local candy favorites are coconut patties, chocolate, and rum cakes, made with local spirits.

Keep an eye out for these Bahamian products when shopping during your vacation. Visit local vendors to find the perfect souvenirs for everyone back home, and to remember your vacation long after you return. Enjoy your time in the Bahamas, and know that the beauty, atmosphere, and shopping will bring you back again! Contact a business that offers Bahamas Vacation Rentals for more information.