Three Advantages To Booking Your Event At A Hotel Conference Room

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Whether you're planning a work function, a family reunion or any other type of get-together that involves a large group, one of your chief priorities is to find a venue that will be suitable. While you might be setting up visits to event centers in your community, don't discount conference rooms at local hotels. Many such facilities offer space for a wide range of events and can often accommodate large groups of people. There are many benefits of holding your event in a hotel conference room that meets your location and size requirements. Here are three reasons to consider doing so.

On-Site Accommodations

Arguably the biggest advantage to having your event in the conference room of a hotel is that your out-of-town guests won't have to travel far when it's time to go to bed. Booking a hotel conference room is ideal because of the availability of on-site accommodations -- and many hotels will reduce the room rate for people in your group, too. The on-site availability of rooms is beneficial for several reasons. If guests are visiting your city from out of town or out of state, they won't have to worry about navigating their way to a hotel from your event. Additionally, if your event involves drinking, such as a wedding, attendees won't have to worry about driving.

On-Site Catering

Some event centers will provide you with a good room that meets many of your criteria, but then you'll have to begin the process of selecting a caterer. At a hotel, you can often cut out this extra step and partner with the hotel's catering staff. When you tour the conference room at the hotel, you can often expect to receive information about the catering services that are available. It's a comforting feeling when you're taking care of the plans for a large event to be able to simply work with the on-site catering staff to put together a menu that meets your demands.

More Time Together

If you're having an event at a conference center and your guests are staying at a hotel elsewhere in your city, you won't get to spend as much time as you might like together. For example, at a wedding or family reunion, you'll have a few hours together and then people will often go their separate ways. A bonus of using a hotel conference room and arranging for your guests to stay at the hotel is that it can provide more time together. Many people opt to get together for a large group breakfast on the morning after the event, which is easy when your group is staying on the premises.