Own A Boat? Two Tips To Help Make Your Next Haul-Out Service Successful

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Haul-out service is a part of the boat maintenance process, and is designed to make sure that the running gear and bottom portion of your boat is in good shape.  If you're a new boat owner, you may be a bit unsure of what to expect during the haul-out process.  Use this information to learn more about how to make your next haul-out service as successful as possible.

Understand The Lift Process

The first thing you need to find out when contacting a professional haul-out service company is how your boat will be lifted out of the water.  This is essential, because if your boat is lifted with the wrong method, it could result in significant damage to the body of your watercraft.

Haul-out service companies typically use one of two methods to lift your boat out of the water:  Forklift or travel lift.  The forklift method uses a motorized device that gets your boat out of the water with a tremendous amount of force.  The travel lift method is more gentle, because it acts like a sling that is placed around and under the boat to get it out of the water.  The boat has to come out of the water during the haul-out process so that any mildew or fungal growths can be scrapped from the bottom of the boat, which is then repainted.

In order to find out which method is recommended for your boat, contact the manufacturing company.  Ask them if your boat has a strong enough internal structure to sustain the force of a forklift.  If not, opt for a company that uses the travel lift method.

Do What You Can Before Turning The Boat Over For Haul-Out

Another piece of advice that can make your next haul-out more satisfactory involves pricing.  If you do what you can before you submit your boat for the haul-out, you may find that you're able to save some cash.

Understand that some haul-out companies charge by-the-hour of yard time.  If they have to take time to remove large items from the boat, this increases your rate.  Save yourself some money and do whatever you can do yourself.  Take out the unsecured items and store them, and consider pressure washing the boat yourself to cut down on yard time.

Getting the most satisfactory experience for your haul-out doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  Keep these tips in mind so your next haul-out can be a successful one. To find out more, speak with a business like South Park Marina.