Four Alternatives To Traditional Airport Transportation Around The World And Here At Home

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Airport transportation almost always consists of taking a taxi, ridesharing, taking a shuttle to a hotel, or hiring a car service. Instead of these typical and typically pricey options, you should go for something a little different the next time you arrive at a foreign airport. Here are four alternatives to the usual airport transportation services and where you can encounter them.

Cable Cars

In Hong Kong, tourists arriving at Hong Kong International Airport can ride in cable car above ground. The cable cars transport you from the airport, around the islands and stop in Lantau before restarting and moving in a complete circle back to the airport. It is definitely a unique way to get to and from the airport, especially if you have business to conduct in Lantau or the village of Ngong Ping 


Human-powered rickshaws on foot or rickshaws with attached mopeds are often parked outside the airports in Asian countries. Since almost every one of these rickshaw pullers and drivers is in business for him- or herself, the rates are extremely competitive. You could get a really good bargain while seeing some sights and partaking of sounds and smells in the city you visit.

Your Own Foot Power

What better way to stretch your legs when getting off a plain than to rent a bicycle? Numerous major cities around the world and here in the U.S. have mini-depots where you can pay by credit or debit card to rent a bicycle and ride it to the next nearest bicycle station. If you are traveling for business and do not plan on staying more than an eight-hour day, you could easily carry your coat and briefcase with you on a rented bike while getting plenty of exercise.

City Buses

In South America, many people arriving at the airport may have the option of riding in a bus or taxi, but their buses are unlike anything you have ever seen. It is the safest way to travel in most cities around the world because many buses are equipped with video surveillance equipment and the bus driver is usually a good witness for anything that happens to you. In England you can ride their famed double-decker buses to and from the airport, although you will probably not get curbside service. (You may get within a block or two of the car turnaround area and have to walk the rest of the way.) At any rate, regardless of what city in the world you fly into, riding a local bus does introduce you to the local people and a lot of the local culture.