How To Tip The Taxi Driver Who Drops You Off At The Airport

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If taking a flight is part of your summer vacation plans, it often makes sense to arrive at the airport in a taxi. Doing so means that you won't have to fuss with finding the parking lot closest to your terminal nor have the cost of paying for long-term parking for your vehicle. When traveling to the airport, it's ideal to catch a ride with a taxi company that specifically travels to and from the airport. Doing so means your driver will know exactly where to drop you off and also have experience with shortcuts that can beat traffic. Even if your mind is on your destination, don't forget to tip the driver as a way of showing your appreciation. Here's the right way to do it.

Know The Typical Amount

Your first step to properly tipping a taxi driver after you arrive at the airport is to know the normal range for tipping. In this case, it's between 15 and 20 percent of the fare, which is the same as tipping any taxi driver. The suggested range gives you leeway to tip a desired amount based on the particulars of your ride, but it's typically proper etiquette to tip somewhere in this range. Knowing this information helps you ensure that you have the right amount of cash handy based on the price quote the airport taxi gives you over the phone when you book the ride.

Consider The Specifics

The specific amount that you choose to tip depends on a variety of variables related to your ride. Generally, it's polite to tip a little extra when your taxi driver goes above and beyond his or her job description. For example, if your driver takes a shortcut to miss a traffic jam or is extremely jovial, it's nice to be a little more generous when you tip. Additionally, it's appropriate to tip when your driver loads and unloads your luggage for you. Tipping about $1 per piece of luggage is appropriate in this situation.

Tip Promptly

An airport taxi driver's success relies on his or her ability to deliver passengers promptly and then seek new riders. It's proper etiquette to tip the driver promptly once you reach the airport. Keep an eye on the taxi's meter as you approach your destination and get the right amount of cash ready. Once the driver finishes unloading your bags at the curb, hand him or her the tip and offer a verbal expression of thanks.

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