Getting Married? 5 Transportation Ideas

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When you get married, you need to have transportation to get to the wedding, transport your wedding group to and from your reception, and for you and your spouse to get away when it is over. Below are some options you should consider for your wedding's needs:

#1. Limousine

You can ride off in style, or ride to the wedding in a limousine. They even make convertible limousines, limousines with hot tubs, a limo bus, and more. Call a limousine company well in advance of your wedding to be sure you can rent one.

#3. Yellow School Bus

You probably have some fond memories riding on a yellow school bus to school. It also makes a great transportation vehicle for your wedding. This is the perfect transportation if you are having a big wedding. Decorate the outside of the bus, such as writing Just Married on the windows, putting decorative magnets on the side of it, use shaving cream, and more.

Call your local school district, and ask if you can rent a bus from them. Tell them what you are using it for, and they will likely say yes.

#3. Tractor and Wagon

If you are from the country, or have lived on a farm, you may want to consider using a tractor and wagon as your wedding transportation. This also works well if you have never lived in the country or on a farm. If you do not own your own tractor and wagon, you can likely rent one.

Attach a wagon on the back of it that is large enough to hold the amount of people you have. Do not forget to decorate it so everyone will know it is a wedding tractor when you drive down the road.

#4. Bicycle Built for Two

If you do not have to travel far from the wedding and venue location, you and your bride can ride a bicycle built for two there. This can be very romantic, and you can usually rent this type of bicycle from a bike shop. Put a basket on the front of it, and put flowers in it to make it extra special.

#5. Cinderella's Carriage

Taking your bride from the wedding to the reception, or from getting away after the wedding, in Cinderella's carriage is very romantic. You may be able to find one in your area that you can rent, as well as the horse and driver to go along with it. Make sure it looks like it is made of glass to match the same carriage Cinderella rode in.

Using a unique type of transportation for your wedding will be something your guests and your bride never forget. If you want to learn more, try contacting a company like American Sedan Service with any questions or concerns you have.