How To Organize When Moving

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If you are in the process of moving, it would be best to sort through all of your items to make things easier when you start bringing things to your new home. Moving unwanted items will just make more work, so now is a great time to sift through your things and organize them so that you can save time when you unpack. Here are some organizational tips that you can incorporate into your moving process.

Doing An Inventory

The first thing you should do is keep a list handy of all the items that you definitely want to go with you during the move. this will be helpful as you communicate with the moving company, such as Meelheims Transfer & Storage. This would be the larger items, such as furniture, large pieces of artwork, and vehicles. These are items that you will not be able to move around during the sorting process. You will want to list items that you do not wish to keep as well. When you are completed with sorting, you can add these to the piles for distribution.

Room By Room

When starting to pack, start in one room and box up items that you know are going to be going to the new home. Items that you are not going to be keeping will be categorized in one of four ways: things to recycle, things to throw away, things to donate, and things to sell. Make a central area in your home where you can stack these items into piles according to which category they belong.

Things To Recycle

If you have materials that are recyclable, you can call your local town building to find out if there is a nearby area that has a recycling center that will accept these items. Glass, plastic, and paper would fit this category. There are other things that can be recycled, as well. Electronics can be taken to special electronic recycling drives every once in a while. Ask around: there may be one near your home.

Things To Throw Away

Rent a dumpster from a local waste removal company to use for the disposal of items you do not wish to keep. The good thing about this is that you can rent it for the duration of your moving process. The dumpster will be dropped off and picked up when you wish.

Things To Donate

Donations are accepted at different places. Call your local churches and schools to see if they have interest in any of the items you plan on donating. You can give books to your local library. Thrift stores will accept furniture and clothing.

Things For Sale

If you have things of value that you do not wish to keep, have a sale. You can have a garage sale before you move, if you have enough time left before your moving date. Otherwise, you can place items for sale on online auctions.